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6:48 pm

Tuesday September 2nd

5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Climbing. Find a max effort weight.

"Tug Thugs"
Odds - Deadlifts
Advanced & Intermediate - 3 Deadlifts, climbing to heavy sets
Beginners - 6 Deadlifts, moderate weight, focus on perfect form/execution.

Evens - Pull/Core Gymnastics
Advanced - 2 Rope Climbs + 5-10 T2B
Intermediate- 1 Rope Climb + 3 T2B OR 6 T2B only
Beginner - 10 Knee Tucks OR Medicine Ball Sit Ups

All told, athletes will be doing 7 rounds of deadlifts, and 7 rounds of gymnastics, so pick some rep schemes that are sustainable based on your ability level.
Coaches will help you decide in class if you are in between and need assistance deciding.

1:27 pm

Monday September 1st

"Group Labor"
Team WOD
Alternating Entire Rounds
4 Power Snatch 95/65
6 Burpee Box Jumps (20" for all)
8 Barbell Step Ups onto the box (barbell on back rack) (95/65, same bar)

Teams of 3, 1 person works, other 2 rest, keep rotating through entire rounds.
Treat as intervals, all rounds are a dead sprint!!

4:33 pm

Saturday August 30th

Clean & Jerk
15 Minutes to work to a heavy, pretty single.

Partner WOD
"Row Faster, you Jerk!"
Row 250m
2 Clean & Jerks @ 75-80% of weight achieved in part 1.

Weight should be challenging, but not failures!

7:49 pm

Friday August 29th

Partner WOD
"The Eagle"
For time:
Double KB Front Rack Squats (53/35 per hand)

100 Foot KB Farmer's Carry Between each set.

Pass to Partner after each carry. (i.e. partner 1 does their set of 10 and the farmer's walk, then passes to partner 2, they do 10 and carry.. come back.. start the round of 9, etc.)

Requirement - Rounds must be completed unbroken. All squats and then carry all in a row without dropping once started.

Scaled - 35/25 per hand, or Goblet Squats instead of double KB squat in front rack.

Cash Out
Max Double Unders in 4 Minutes


From the Community
Please read the following from Alyssa S.:

Link here****

On September 21, I will be walking 13.1 miles as part of the Jimmy Fund Walk. I'm raising money for the team Heme-Onc Without Borders, which supports the global health initiative in fighting childhood cancer and blood disorders in low- and middle-income countries worldwide. This is my first time walking; I volunteered at a clinic in a slum of Buenos Aires for six months and have wanted to continue contributing to global health ever since I've been back. With your support I can keep helping this cause - I will do one burpee for every dollar you donate


8:45 pm

Thursday August 28th

"Jack Bauer"
For time:
Run 400 m
24 Ball Slams (20/14)
24 Lateral Bar Hop Burpees
24 Power Clean (135/95)
24 Ring Rows
Run 400m

Cash Out
Pendlay Rows 3 x 10
GHD Sit Ups 3 x 10-15
No time component, just work through these two as a super set.

6:35 pm

Wednesday August 27th

Back Squats w/ Pause

3 x 10

2 "Mississippi" pause count at the bottom of each rep.
Preferably counted by a training partner. (counting yourself tends to short the timing... because.. effort)

These should be taxing. I recommend easing off the weight on the first set if you have never tried these before. All told, each set is almost a minute of effort.

For time:
Thruster (135/95)
Bar Muscle Up

L2 - 115/75, Strict Pull Ups 9-7-5
L1 - 95/65 or less, Banded Pull Ups 15-12-9

6:49 pm

Tuesday August 26th


Labor Day Schedule September 1st 

FCF is Open 7AM-1PM, ONE Class at 9AM. 

Bench Press OR Floor Press
5, 5, 3, 3, 2, 2

For total reps:
5 Minutes Calorie Row
4 Minutes HR Push Ups
3 Minutes KB Swings (53/35)
2 Minutes Ring Dips
1 Minute Wall Balls (20/14)

Every rep/calorie is worth a point, keep one running tally. 
For example, if you get off the rower and you rowed 86 calories, your first push up is 87, keep the math easy.

Scale each portion as needed. Many options.

9:02 pm

Monday August 25th

Snatch Complex

3 Power Snatch + 3 OHS

5 challenging sets after warm ups.
Snatches are not required to be an unbroken set. May drop and reset quickly between reps.

4 x 200 m

On the 3rd minute. (0-3-6-9)
Record all intervals.

7:27 am

Sunday August 24th

Congrats to my man Viktor on his wedding this weekend!!!

-Rest Day-

3:24 pm

Saturday August 23rd

For time:
20 Knees to Elbows
30 Burpees
40 Walking Lunge Steps
50 Pull Ups
60 Box Jumps (24/20)
70 Air Squats
80 Push Ups
90 Sit Ups
100 Double Unders

Scaled- Skip HSPU, cut movement reps in half. Band Pull Ups as needed. Scale box height as needed.

So Long Adam! Come back and visit soon!