6:04 pm

Thursday April 2nd


Deadlift DeLoad in warm-ups

Hang Power Clean
Movement review
Warm Up, build up in weight until ready for the WOD.


For total time (include the rest):

20 Hang Power Cleans 155/105
Every time you drop the bar, perform 20 Air Squats..

-Rest 3 minutes--

25 Hang Power Cleans 135/90
Every time you drop the bar, perform 20 Air Squats.

-Rest 3 minutes--

30 Hang Power Cleans 115/75
Every time you drop the bar, perform 20 Air Squats.

(Note: when athletes complete the 20th/25th/30th.. you don't have to do air squats after the last rep, you just rest until the next lighter weight set starts up.)

Scale weight as needed. Should start heavy and work down progressively.
Ideally each segment should take more than 2 sets, but less than 6 sets. The goal is not to go too heavy and have to do a bajillion air squats, all math approximate.

8:24 pm

Wednesday April 1st

Yoga at 7:05PM tonight!!! Please let KT know if you are coming!

"Hump Day Mash Up: Volume 3"

For time:

3 Rounds:

14 Box Jumps 30/24

7 Max effort Broad Jumps, as far as possible

Immediately into:

3 Rounds:

50 foot Front Rack (Goblet) KB Walking Lunge 53/35

6 KB Snatches, each hand

Immediately into:

As fast as possible

35 Wall Balls 20/14

35 Push Presses 95/65

Clock stops on final push press for total time.
Scale Box, KB, Med Ball and barbell as needed.

Ca$h Out

Bulletproof Shoulders

6:19 pm

Wednesday April 1st


Warm Up

45 Minute Plank Hold

(preferably while reading a novel of choice)


Bicep Curls

5 sets of 10. Until perfect pump is achieved.
Be sure to stand in front of the mirror for at least 10 minutes after each set to inspect flex technique.


85 minutes on elliptical @ 30% effort.

Basically just walking. Sweat as little as possible. Try to make the machine do most of the work for you while you watch TV and space out.
Count calories to make sure you burn enough to earn your brownie sundae.

6:07 pm

Tuesday March 31st


Bench Press DeLoad in Warm Ups

Kipping, discuss scaling options

"Spice Night" 
10 Rounds for time:
12 Pull Ups
12 Burpees

L3 - Reps of pull ups altered to somewhere between 5-10
L2 - Banded Pull Ups, also considering scaling to between 5-10
L1 - Ring Rows, 10 and 10 of burpees and rows..

Should be scaled to take less than 20 minutes, but challenge yourself on your rep selection and movement choice.

Folks who have kipping pull ups in SOME capacity should be doing them in the WOD even at lower numbers for practice.

6:02 pm

Monday March 30th


Squat Deload

5, 5, 5 @ 40-50-60% in warm ups


"The Beep Test"

Ca$h Out

Tabata - Handstand Hold

Scaled - Plank or Ring Plank Hold

6:21 pm

Sunday March 29th

Hint for Monday's WOD


12:54 pm

Saturday March 28th

Open_155-1024x576 (1)

Open WOD 15.5

For time:

Calorie Row
Thruster 95/65

Scale Thruster weight as needed.

Note: For a large class (for folks not submitting scores online), we will run this like a partner WOD trading back and forth from the barbell and rower so that both partners do the whole WOD.

Nothing technical, nothing high-rep gymnastics. Just push through the pain and charge through for one rep at time. Stay on pace and try to push it at the finish.
Don't blow your load on the round of 27. This is one of those WODs where you should start with a pace and try to make each round a little faster than the one before it. Don't blow it out early.

8:02 pm

Friday March 27th

Extended Mobility Session

"Three Layer Dip"

EMOTM 24 (8 rounds of 3 stations each)

Min 1 - 1 Turkish Get Up, each arm, as perfect as possible. Try to work up to one KB heavier than previous week if you worked on these last Friday.

Min 2 - 8-15 Box Jump Overs 24/20. Athlete picks reps. Try to go unbroken and fast with the chosen set #.

Min 3 - 6-9 Strict Dips (Ring or Bar). 
If needed, use the smallest band possible.

6:03 pm

Thursday March 26th


Squat Clean + Front Squat
Quickly work up to a challenging rep of each as a complex, no more than 10 minutes.

WOD movement prep...
Does not need to be a true 1RM, just get ready for a heavy WOD.

Rope Climbs

Partner WOD
"Power Tower"
For time:
15 Rope climbs
30 Front squats 205/145 (taken from the floor)
45 Clapping Push Ups
60 Calorie Row

20 Minute Time Cap.

Scaling Options
15 Rope Climbs = 25 Strict Banded Pull Ups + 25 Knee Tucks Total
Front Squat weight as needed for the team.
Regular or Knee Push Ups

6:41 pm

Wednesday March 25th

Yoga at 7PM!
Come on in for KT's Social Stretch!

5, 3, 1+

5 Rounds for time:
5 Power Snatch (115/75)
6 C2Bs
7 Lateral Bar Hop Burpees

L3 - 95/65, Pull Ups
L2 - 85/55, Banded Pull Ups
L1 - 75/45 or less, Ring Rows