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7:07 pm

Tuesday July 22nd

Back Squats Make Bad Ass Mamas..



Back Squat

5 x 5


Front Squat 

2 x 10


Add 5-10 lbs from last week. Be smart about your progression.

Take as much rest as needed between sets. Hit em hard.




Ca$h Out

2 X 300 m Row

Rest ~1 minute between efforts. Record both intervals. ALL OUT FULL BLAST SPRINT.



7:43 am

Monday July 21st

Sarah D winning fitness things thousands of miles from home.. 



For time:

Run 5K



Please be on time! We will warm up on the way to the starting line and get right to business once everyone is clear on the route and stretched out. The route is beautiful right along the river. Come on in and enjoy

If running is your Goat, get your ass in and hit your weakness head on!!


Let's set a nice baseline for this WOD if you have not run a 5K in a little while.

6:47 am

Sunday July 20th

Support a fellow FCFer!

Rich Fields of 5:30AM fame is doing his SEVENTH Pan Mass Challenge early this August and is looking for help! He is seeking to raise $6K for cancer research, and hopes to surpass $40K for his lifetime of fundraising for the PMC. This will be his final year completing the event so every little bit will help him close out his goal with a bang.

**Link to Donate is HERE**


Thanks everyone!

5:32 pm

Saturday July 19th

Happy Birthday Viktor!!


Partner WOD

"Waiting on the World to Burpee"


Partners alternate entire rounds of:

100 meter Waiter's Walk RH

100 meter Waiter's Walk LH

10 Burpees

10 Wall Balls



Rx = 1.5/1 KB (scale down as needed)...

The waiter's walk should be able to be completed unbroken with each hand. Do not go so heavy such that you are struggling to complete the 100 meter walk quickly. Get your partner going again.

6:31 pm

Friday July 18th




1 Rep Max



Front Squat 

2 Rep Max



Push Jerk

3 Rep Max




Let's. Fuckin. Go.

9:27 am

"The Disease of More"

The following post is in regards to CrossFit programming... philosophies, some science, and how it directly impacts what you do every day at FCF. I am going to try to post some helpful links at the bottom for you all to read as "homework" if this is something that interests you or has piqued your curiosity.

It pains me to say this as a diehard Celtics fan, but Pat Riley was one of the greatest coaches of all-time. I really hate to give credit to someone associated with the Lakers, but I am about to draw on some of his knowledge to illustrate a point.


As the Lakers began a long stretch of championship runs in the early 1980's, Pat Riley wrote a book about his experiences coaching the team. One of his phrases that he coined was this concept of "the disease of more". After a team would win a championship, dubbing themselves the best team in the league for that particular season, many of the players would come back the next year and want the ball more, want more money, want more stats (points/rebounds/assists), thinking that they had to do more to win again or get their next big contract.


But Riley tried to manage and coach his teams to resist that urge and trust that the chemistry, the flow of the team, and the system that was in place all along (that led them to all of those victories in the first place) was the real formula that dictated their success.



So... how the hell does this apply to anything related to CrossFit?


I tend to not address these sort of side comments on the spot because I don't feel that it is a valuable use of time, but I DO hear the squawking every once in a while from athletes who have their own personal opinions about how: "Oh man, I wish we did more long cardio workouts".. or: "Why do we have to do these heavy weights and then just a frikkin 4 minute conditioning".. or my personal favorite: "That wasn't even much of a workout, I'm like not even sweating"..


In general, many people who start out in CrossFit see a very fast forward progress in their lifts, their speed, perhaps their body composition, etc. Over those first couple months, they tend to just do what they are told in classes, focus on moving well and achieving the desired stimulus or response from the program or the given workout. Much like a championship winning basketball team, new athletes often see this great success in their opening months and have the thoughts like "well what if I did more training, more weights, more reps, longer met-cons? etc."


This thought process is typically the kiss of death for 99% of people. They overdo it, forget why they enjoyed this in the first place, and overthink the whole process. This usually leads to burning out, over-training, injury, or general frustration and plateaus.


CrossFit, as an entity and a training program, is NOT about more, more, more. It is about the minimum effective dose. It is not about the CrossFit Games or 6 pack abs, it is about a general, broad and inclusive fitness. We specialize in NOT specializing. I want my athletes to be equally able to run a fast mile, do a set of pull ups, and perform a heavy deadlift. I could care less if you are able to do hour long cardio sessions day in and day out.


For anyone who passed Econ 101 in college, you are aware of the concept of diminishing returns.


If you need a refresher: "The law of diminishing returns states that in all productive processes, adding more of one factor of production, while holding all others constant will at some point yield lower per-unit returns."

In other words, just because you put more into it, does not mean you are getting more out of it.


Let's take an example from a workout over the last month. For those that performed "MegaTron" last week, it was a simple triplet of Overhead Squats, Burpees, and Rowing. Most people took about 10-15 minutes on that workout and were completely zonked. They performed the task correctly with the prescribed amount of intensity & effort.

If immediately following MegaTron, I then told you all to go run a 5K for time.. at a certain point I would hope you would be thinking "I am no longer getting any fitter, I am spent".


After your movement mechanics and consistency are achieved, the best results in CrossFit training are a direct result of the intensity of your efforts. Trying really, really hard with challenging movements and weights and speeds for 8-12 minutes SHOULD be incredibly taxing. Going for an hour long jog at a casual pace can certainly be tiring, but it is a very different level of effort.


(side note: I am not talking about Marathon training or the like, that is clearly a very different pathway, very different sport, and a different training and ramp-up program altogether. I very much acknowledge the difference between endurance athletics and CrossFit. But the two can complement each other if approached intelligently, not clash.)

PLEASE beware of overtraining just for the sake of training more. Listening to your body is often the best way to go. This about longevity, not about tomorrow's PR.

Just to dig into some of my anecdotal evidence here, for those who still do not believe me...


The most recent Breadless Bodies Nutrition Challenge was 25 days long, just over 3 weeks time. During those 3+ weeks, I programmed 5 interval-style workouts, 6 short workouts (sub 8 minutes), 4 medium range workouts (8-15 minutes), 4 long workouts (15 minutes +), and 13 various skill or strength sessions.


My AM team (w00t-w00t!!) of ~20 athletes lost a combined 132 lbs during that 3 weeks (about 7 per person on average). If you are one of those people who has it engrained in your head that more, longer, and sexier met-cons are the best path to weight loss and perceived results, I hope I have at least started to set the record straight. Your diet and your effort have MUCH more to do with your results than the length of a given workout. We are not running a weight loss program, we are running a fitness program. I want you do be able to DO things. The number on the scale means very, very little in the grand scheme.

How you feel, what you are able to do, and your outlook on life and health mean much more to me.


If you ever want to chat more about programming philosophies and concepts, I am MORE than happy to hear you out and have an intelligent conversation about it. I have an absolute Open Door Policy. Side comments are petty and useless.


But please beware of the "Disease of More", diminishing returns, and remember that a 3 minute Fran is going to hurt a whole hell of a lot worse than a 40 minute 5K jog.

Please check out the following articles if you have some free time...

There is a method to the madness, I promise you. 






8:52 pm

Thursday July 17th

Cash In 
"Ring around the Rosie"
3 Rounds, not for time, for quality:
30 Second Ring Support Hold (scale to a ring plank hold)
3 Skin the Cats
10-15 Toes to Rings Unbroken

"Swing, Sprint, Get Up & Jump"
3 Rounds, 1 min at each station, 1 min rest in between rounds.
14 minutes total.
#1 - KB Swing (53/35)
#2 - Shuttle Sprints (30 feet)
#3 - Turkish Get Ups (53/35) (alternating arms)
#4 - Box Jumps (24/20)
Every rep/run is worth a point. Keep a running tally each round and total all 3 scores.

6:47 pm

Wednesday July 16th



Kipping Pull Ups

Kipping HSPU

(and appropriate scaling options)



"Angie's ShitList"

For time:

50 C2B Pull Ups


50 GHD Sit-Ups

50 OHS (45/35)



Many scaling options today.

In general:

L3 - Regular Chin-over-bar Pull Ups, 1 Abmat HSPU, Med Ball Sit Ups

L2 - Banded Pull Ups, 2 Abmat HSPU

L1 - Ring Rows, Push Ups or Double KB OH Press, Regular Sit Ups, Air Squats

6:13 pm

Tuesday July 15th

The Ferris Children. Following in Mom's badass footprints.


Power Clean
2 Unbroken Reps, AHAP, climbing each minute.
(As Heavy As Possible)

"Marching Band" 
For time:
Run 600 m
3 Rounds of:
3 Muscle Ups (sub - 10 Ring Dips)
6 Clean & Jerk (155/100)
Row 750 m
Scale C&J weight as required. Should be a moderate load, not max effort.

6:19 pm

Monday July 14th

Congrats to Coach Jen who won her division at the Bay State Games OLY Meet!!!


Back Squat

5 x 5


Front Squat 

2 x 10


Try to add 5 lbs to the straight sets from last week. You will see this for the next few weeks, so be conservative and keep building up. Think "quality reps and volume"... not "5/10 rep max"



Ca$h Out

Tabata Double Unders



... and Congrats to Coach Katherine and Drea on renewing their vows this weekend! Finally got the party you both deserved!