5:27 pm

Saturday December 20th


2 Front Squat (115/80 LBS)
3 Burpees
4 Pull Ups
6 Push Press (115/80 LBS)
7 Knees-2-Elbow
8 Air Squats
9 Wall Balls
10 LORDS A LEAPIN (24″/20″)
11 Calorie Row
12 KB Snatch (6R/6L) (1.5/1)

Sing the 12 days of Christmas song, you get the idea.
Round 1 is 1 HSPU.
Round 2 is 2 Front Squats followed by 1 HSPU
Round 3 is 3 Burpees, 2 Front Squats, 1 HSPU. 
Continue all the way to 12 rounds.

Scale movements as needed for HSPU and Pull Ups, scale weights elsewhere as needed.

7:15 pm

Friday December 19th

Holiday Schedule

Forever Fit Hours:
Christmas Eve, December 24 - 5 am - 1 pm
Christmas Day - CLOSED
Friday, December 26 - 7 am - 6 pm
New Years Eve, December 31 - 7 am - 6 pm
New Years Day, January 1 - 7 am - 6 pm
Friday, January 2 - REGULAR HOURS

Forever CrossFit Classes:
Wednesday, December 24 - ---- 6am, 9am, 11:30am
Thursday, December 25 - CLOSED
Friday, December 26 --- 9am, Noon, & Open gym 4-6PM
Saturday, December 27 --- Regular Classes
Wednesday, December 31 - ---- 9am, Noon
Thursday, January 1 - --- 10am, Noon, Open gym from 4-6PM
Friday, January 2 - Regular hours---- 5:30am, 6:30am, 9am, 5 pm, 6 pm

2:50 Plank
1:30 Hang

Turkish Get Ups & Rope Climbs

"Switch It Up"
18 Min, 6 rounds of each:
Min 1 - 2 Turkish Get Ups, 1 each arm
Min 2 - 1 or 2 Rope Climb Ascents, perfect footwork
Min 3 - Box Jump Overs - 10-15 as fast as possible. Rebound if able.

We have been hitting hit hard this week and have the "12 days of CrossFit" tomorrow. Take this as a practice day and work on trying to improve a skill here.
This can be as challenging as you like depending on weight selection, but the FOCUS should be trying to move really deliberately and crisply on the TGUs and Climbs, and then be explosive on the jumps.

5:38 pm

Thursday December 18th

2:40 Plank
1:25 Hang

Note: This looks more complicated than it is. It will make complete sense once you get going, don't overthink it too much. It is basically max effort sets for each movement divided amongst a team.

"Trust Fall"

--In Teams of 3--

The goal of each movement in this list is to get through all reps for time with each of the 3 partners contributing exactly ONCE to each movement. If the team needs to contribute MORE than once through, the partners will be assessed a "penalty" before the next person can go again. 

60 Pull Ups
70 HR Push Ups
80 Wall Balls
60 Hang Power Snatch (105/70)
70 Thrusters (105/70)
80 KB Swings (2/1.5)

Athletes choose which penalty they want to complete from the following options, if needed:
200m Run
200m Row
12 Burpees

Scale with bands or different loads as needed throughout.
Anyone can team with anyone, but for the sake of equipment try to pair up with least one person who will use the same barbell, KB or MB.

The idea here is that partners must trust that the others on their team can get the work done that they commit to in order to avoid team penalties. Essentially, each movement will have each person contribute 1 max effort (or a strategic) unbroken set to start.. and if the work is done with 3 people, then awesome! You get to move on to the next movement on the list with no penalty.

If they need to go back to the first athlete to complete the required reps (for their second effort on that particular movement, etc.), only the person who needs to do the extra reps has to do the buy in penalty first.

So should only be doing 1/3 of the work listed above, with any penalties assessed if the team cannot do big enough sets to do it all in one shot.

For example, if all 3 athletes say they can do 20 pull ups on the first set, then you won't get a penalty on those.. everyone will do their 20, and then move on to push ups, and down the list it goes.

Have fun with this and push one another!

5:42 pm

Wednesday December 17th

5:30AM Ladies ... and Chris.
2:30 Plank
1:20 Hang

3 Position Snatch Complex
Snatch - Hang Snatch - High Hang Snatch
Heaviest possible with good speed and positions.

Front Squat
10RM (no more than 2 attempts)

(Establish the 2RM first, then knock the weight down and try out 1 or 2 10-rep attempts to see where you are at. This will be somewhat of a guess, but expect somewhere in the 70-75% range of your 2RM numbers.)

Cash Out
Sleds/Prowler Work


9:08 am

Holiday Fun - Everything is Gonna be OK!!!


It is the Holiday season.. Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's, Company parties, bonus season (I hope!), gift-giving, cookie eating, nap-taking, cocoa-drinking.. etc.. All the best things.
It can be a busy or stressful time of year if you have to travel, deal with family chaos, or small children up at 4AM for presents. It can be overwhelming. I get it.

Want my advice? Let it happen.

This time of year is supposed to be fun. If you overindulge at Christmas party, or have an extra sugar cookie before bed.. honestly, who the fuck cares? 
Don't beat yourself up, don't let it get to you, and don't worry about it. Just get in and smash your next workout and stay the course. (Sometimes doing heavy back squats or deadlifts when you are fat and happy or bloated is fun as hell.)

Just like one great meal is not going to make up for a bunch of shitty meals in a given day... having one cheat here and there over the course of the next few weeks, is really not going to throw all of your hard work in the trash in one fell swoop. 

Take a look at your schedule for the next couple weeks and try to circle a couple of days that you know are going to be a straight-up hell-on-earth health disaster. Let those be planned bad days, try to keep your workout schedule consistent, and do all the easy "good things".. (Drink plenty of water, sleep well, etc.) 

If you are travelling, try some at home WODs.. Even Tabata Air Squats followed by Tabata Burpees can pack a great punch AND be over in 8 minutes with no need for space or equipment. Go for a run, do some yoga, shovel some heavy wet snow, practice some plank or handstand holds. It does not have to be a huge time expenditure.

If you have some time off work, try a new class time! This can be a great opportunity to meet some other FCFers outside your normal class or commute schedule. Try pairing up with a different training buddy and get outside your comfort zone on the barbell.

To sum, these are my feelings on holiday weight gain...

We will be having a Nutrition Challenge starting promptly after the New Year to help folks get back on track, and introduce newer members to the wonders of Paleo and CrossFit combined.
This will be a great chance to reboot if you overdo it in the coming weeks.

But seriously... No joke... If you are stressing or losing sleep over this sort of stuff.. you may have missed the point. Life is supposed to be fun. Balance is important.

I realize this is strange advice from a fitness professional. But I am human too.

6:54 pm

Tuesday December 16th

Enjoy this amazingness. Coach Eddie off to Prom with my cousin. What a find!

2:20 Plank
1:15 Hang

Z Press

Working up to a challenging set of 3.
Try a little heavier than sets of 4.

(NOTE: Final week of the Z-Press series. Next week testing the Press 1RM to check some progress here)


Same deal. Work to a heavy 3. Does not need to be an absolute 3RM.
Make all 5 sets challenging on the way up.

"Sprinty McSprinterson"
For time:
Run 800m
Row 800m

Quick Sprint. No frills See how long you can keep the gas pedal down.

4:15 pm

Monday December 15th

Happy Birthday Rick!!

2:10 Plank
1:10 Hang

"Filthy Fifty"
For time:
--50 of each--
Box Jumps 24/20
Jumping Pull Ups
KB Swings 35#
Walking Lunges
Push Press (45/35)
Back Extension (sub: Good Mornings (Empty Bar))
Wall Balls 
Double Unders

Scale all movements/weights as needed.
Beginners - 25 of each movement.

11:34 pm

Saturday December 13th

2:00 Plank
1:05 Hang

"Too Much Egg Nog"
Death By Burpees & Pull Ups

Minute 1 - 1 Burpee
Minute 2 - 2 Burpees etc.

Once athlete can no longer complete the required burpee reps in a given minute, then
Start on Pull Ups same format...
Minute 1 - 1 Pull Up
Minute 2 - 2 Pull Ups

Score is how far athletes get into the burpees, and then how far they get into the pull ups.

6:38 pm

Friday December 12th


1:50 Plank
1 min Hang

7 T2B OR Toes-to-Rings
7 Hand Release Push Ups
7 Double KB Clean &  Jerk

RX Suggestion - 53/35 per hand. Adjust as needed.
Scale push ups to knees.

Ca$h Out
Sleds & Prowler Party!

8:13 pm

Thursday December 11th

Hold for the Holidays!!
1:40 Plank
:55 Hang

"The Mr. Clean Complex"
Work to a max load:
2 Hang Power Clean + 2 Power Cleans + 2 Hang Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats

Start light and feel it out.. build if heavy if able.
You will likely be limited by one of the hang movements..
See what you got!

Push Jerk
5 Rep Max