7:09 pm

Tuesday September 1st


60 Pull Ups for time

(scaled - AMRAP 4 - Banded Strict Pull Ups or Ring Rows)



Resting as needed in between::

Complete (7) 100m Sprints 

Each one is an all-out time trial, scored for time.

We will be running out back on California St. sidewalk, and we will be helping each other in classes start the "gun".

8:34 pm

Monday August 31st


Clean & Jerk

Work to a heavy single or 1RM

"Macho Man"

EMOTM, for as long as possible:

3 Power Cleans

3 Front Squats

3 Jerks

Rest after 3rd jerk is complete within each minute.

Rx = 165/115 (OR about 65% of whatever # athletes get to in Part 1 of class)
This WOD ends when you give up or can no longer complete the 9 reps.

5:54 pm

Saturday August 29th


"Sled Wars : Volume 2"

Competing against a partner (for fun.. choose someone you want to go head to head against for kicks)

Round/Movement details immediately after the Sled Push 50 feet down and back on the turf.

1) 10 Burpee Pull Ups (Sub - Plate Burpees 35/25)

2) 100 Foot Burpee Broad Jump 

3) 20 Wall Balls

4) 15 Bench Press (155/100) Scale as needed.

5) 15 Double KB Thrusters (35 per hand for men, 25 per hand for women, scale as needed)

6) Final one is competitor's choice... Come up with something they want to battle with. Can be anything they want that is quick, explosive effort.

Advanced - 5 Muscle Ups
Intermediate - 10 Ring Dips
Beginner - 15 Chest to Deck Push Ups

5:00 pm

Friday August 28th


3 Rep Max

"Apple Bottom"
For time:
150 Overhead Walking Lunge Steps (35/25)

7:23 pm

Thursday August 27th

Core Cash In

Alternating Tabata

8 minutes total

Plank Hold (advanced - Handstand Hold)

Med Ball Sit Ups


Partner WOD

Rounds start at 0-5-10-15 minute mark.

3 Minute Clock for each round (rest 2 minutes between):

Run 200m (together)


AMRAP in remaining time (one person works at a time, trading back & forth as needed):

Round 1 - Power Snatches 115/75

Round 2 - Power Cleans 135/95

Round 3 - Squat Cleans 155/105

Round 4 - Clean & Jerks 185/125

Rx weights are simply suggestions to climb up...

The idea is to start light and add 5-20 lbs per movement, if able. 

Scale based on abilities and technique quality.

5:27 pm

Wednesday August 26th


KB Snatch
Row Technique

"Rico Suave"
Min 1: 45 Seconds Max Cal Row (Rest 15 seconds)
Min 2: 45 Seconds Max Burpees (Rest 15 seconds)
Min 3: 20 Seconds Max KB Snatch RH, 20 Seconds Max KB Snatch LH (1.5/1) (Rest 20 sec)
Min 4: Rest entire minute...

5 Rounds through the 4 stations.

Score is total reps/cals. Keep one running total.
(I.e. if athlete rows 20 cals, gets 12 burpees, and 12 snatches.. record 44 reps for that first round. Keep a running total going. Add em up at the end.)

Ca$h Out
1 Turkish Get Up, per arm.

Focus on perfect movement.

5:53 pm

Tuesday August 25th

Yoga with KT at 7:05!!

Overhead Strength Ladder

Z Press
3, 3, 3

Push Press
3, 3, 3

Push Jerk
3, 3, 3

Goal is to add some weight (even small amount) with each of the 9 sets.

"User's Choice"
3 Rounds for time:

Run 400m


Choose, based on greatest weakness:
-4 Muscle Ups (Ring or Bar)
-8 HSPU (kipping or strict)
-8 Ring Dips
-20 Chest to Deck Push Ups

6:39 pm

Monday August 24th


Front Squat


3 Reps


Climbing in load, until a challenge weight is reached, then try to stay there for the remainder of the sets.

No failed reps, not a 3RM. Work good volume.



6 Thrusters (115/75)

6 T2B

Scale each portion as needed.

I posted this to FB, but just re-posting in case anyone missed it regarding Coach Eddie.

Hey guys,

I need to share some unfortunate news from this past weekend. Please try to hold off on follow-up questions, because I am only sharing what I know.

Coach Eddie was jumped and badly assaulted sometime late Thursday evening/Friday morning. The details of the attack are unclear.
We know that he suffered extensive facial impact and damage which required multiple procedures this weekend to fix what had been done.

As of right now, I am sorry, but I do not know much more than that.

What you need to know is...

Eddie is at Beth Israel Hospital, West Campus, Room 915. He is supposed to be able to go home early this week, at which point anyone is invited to come visit him.

His girlfriend Angela, can be reached at 508-864-8192 as a point of contact for details or if you would like anything or message sent his way.

I understand this is frustrating because not much more is known, but PLEASE try to focus any fear, frustration, or anger into genuine support for him in this time of need. That is the only thing that can help at this particular time.

Send positive vibes his way on his road to recovery and I will try to make more known as it becomes available. 

God bless.

This is a time when he needs this community that means so much to him, and that he works so hard to help foster, inspire, and encourage. Let's show it to him.

5:02 pm

Saturday August 22nd


Partner WOD

For time:
100 Hang Power Snatch (85/55)
100 Calorie Row
100 Pull Ups
400m Buddy Carry, alternating as needed.

Scaled: 400m Double KB Farmer's Carry, alternating as needed.

One person working at a time on the 100/100/100.
Once complete, do the buy-out together.. alternating however needed to get through the 400m carry.
Time stops when back inside from the carry.

Scale HPS weight as needed, should be light and manageable.
Scale Pull ups with bands or rows.

5:58 pm

Friday August 21st


OLY Skill
2 High Hang Squat Clean
2 Hang Squat Clean
1 Split Jerk (pause 2 seconds upon bar receipt)

Work up to challenge weight, but mostly focus on speed under the bar and technique.
Athletes should focus on sticking the landing and footwork on the split jerk every time, pause in the split, then return the feet to center.

Tabata Challenge
Wall Balls (20/14)
Sit Ups
Push Ups

Complete the entire 4 minutes (:20 on/:10 off) of wall balls, then sit ups, then push ups.

Score for each is worst round.
12 minutes total.